Free Delphi Components


kuRafMerge is a component for Embarcadero's Delphi and the ReportBuilder system from Digital Metaphors. Report Builder allows you to save generated reports in a format called an Archive File. The kuRafMerge component allows you to merge several Archive Files into a single Archive File. This is useful if you have a group of reports that you have saved that you would like to email or otherwise present as a single file. The component allows you to specify if the reports should be re-numbered so that the page number sequence is continuous instead of starting over at page 1 for each report in the combined package.

kuRafMerge should work with Delphi versions 5 and higher and ReportBuilder versions 6 and higher. Please read the Readme.txt file included in the downoad as it contains licensing information, directions for use of the component, as well as limitations of the component.

The latest version is 1.06 which you can DOWNLOAD HERE (10kb).