Product Overview

Stop Loss Insurance

Our product for the Medical Stop Loss Insurance industry is a complete, integrated Underwriting and Administration System for Managing General Underwriters (MGU) and Insurance Carriers. The product handles all aspects of the Stop Loss business from receipt of a quote request through claims adjudication and reinsurance reporting.

Poultry Related Products

Our Feed Dispatch System projects and manages feed deliveries for poultry flocks. It can be integrated with automated loadout systems, our Placement and Kill Schedule program, our Medication Tracking and Inventory program, as well as back end corporate accounting systems for end to end grow out management.

We also have a Production, Yield and Inventory Management system for processing plants. This system tracks all phases of poultry processing including further processing such as cooked or marinated products. It provides yield and shrink reporting as well as inventory tracking for on and off-site freezers and coolers.

Nurse Station Log With OSHA Reporting

Our Nurse Station Log is designed to be used in an industrial setting where there is a requirement to log on-the-job injuries and illnesses as well as treatment provided by on-site medical staff. The system allows classification of incidents, tracking of accident investigations, tracking of lost time and restricted duty, statistical injury rate reporting, and preparation of OSHA 300 and 300A forms.

Waste Water Irrigation Monitoring and Other Environmental Reporting and Compliance Applications

Our Waste Water Irrigation program is designed to assist companies in monitoring and managing the irrigation of crops using waste water. The program can track available nutrients in storage lagoons, assign workorders to irrigation crews based on allowed levels of nutrient application on various fields and crops, interface with testing labs for tracking of soil and water sample analysis results, and generate reports to comply with environmental agency requirements.

We also have a Laboratory Management program that is designed to track the status of samples submitted for testing, record and report analysis results, and do basic statistical analysis of batches of sample results.

Another application we have available is the Environmental Permit Manager. This program is designed to help companies with many locations keep track of all of their environmental and hazmat permits and to make sure that reporting and renewal deadlines are met. It provides notification of upcoming deadlines to the employee responsible for compliance as well as to management if deadlines are in danger of not being met.

Components for Delphi Programmers

In the process of developing out commercial software, we sometimes create Delphi components which may be of use to other programmers. Components that we have released as freeware may be found HERE.